Vange Community Growing Club

Growing Veg in Vange!

Edible Essex is working with South Anglia Housing Association to create a community allotment in Vange.  Due to the fact that the local parade of shops in Vange doesn’t offer fresh fruit or vegetables and many of the residents don’t have access to their own garden, it seemed a logical step to create a community allotment plot. There was also a lot of interest from the cooking club, run by the organisation for its residents.

South Anglia Housing is leasing a piece of land from Basildon Council at the rear of the Vange Community Centre and the plot will be managed solely by the newly set up Vange Community Gardening Club. Edible Essex has contributed towards the Palisade fencing, which will make the site secure. This project will be open to all residents in Vange, young and old, who will be able to use it to grow a wide range of vegetables for residents to take home and eat. There will be raised beds for those that have limited mobility and it is hoped that fruit trees will grown too. Local volunteers will be used to help supervise the allotment site and provide advice where necessary.

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