About us

The Edible Essex Project is managed by the Rural Community Council of Essex.

Rural Community Council of Essex (“RCCE”) is an independent charity helping people and communities throughout rural Essex to create a sustainable future. We have been working with local community groups, parish councils, village halls and community buildings across the County since our establishment in 1929.

RCCE’s mission is to provide local communities with the skills, resources and expertise necessary to achieve a thriving and sustainable future. This means helping communities come together to identify their own needs and priorities, and providing them with advice and support in developing practical solutions. In many of our rural communities the provision of local services is declining, affordable housing is almost impossible to obtain, and community-based activities are totally reliant on volunteers.

RCCE is also an influential voice for rural communities at local, regional and national level.

As one of England’s 38 county Rural Community Councils, we are a member of “ACRE” (Action with Communities in Rural England). Together we aim to meet the needs of 11,000 rural communities nationwide.

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